Building, Code Enforcement, and Rental Services

Learn how to begin a project, safely maintain a property, and contribute to the quality of life within the City.  

Permit Types

Building: Permit required whether you plan on making home improvements yourself or with the help of a contractor, architect, or construction worker.

Electrical: Permit required for any installation, alteration or repair of electric wiring, equipment, apparatus or fixture for light, heat, power, medical or other purposes, where the electromotive force exceeds 30 volts.

Mechanical: Property owners may personally install a heating or refrigerating system in the dwelling.  The applicant shall apply for and secure the required permits from the Community and Economic Development Department and shall obtain the required inspection after the installation is completed and the equipment is placed in operation.

Plumbing: Any and all construction work in connection with sewerage and drainage including septic tanks, shall be performed by a licensed digger.

Sewer: Permit required to repair your sanitary service lateral to ensure that the work is done properly and meets 

Repair: This is the current Michigan Plumbing Code. 

Community and Economic Development Department

248-336-4117 ext. 115

Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement Officers respond to citizen concerns about issues that affect the quality of life within the City:

  • Overgrown lots or yards 
  • Inoperative vehicles
  • Maintenance of structures
  • Unpermitted signs
  • Public nuisances

The City of Ferndale has adopted the 2015 International Property Maintenance Code book and utilizes the Property Maintanence regulations in the City Code of Ordinances.

Rental Services

Whether you are a renter or a landlord, the City offers helpful resources to ensure your property is safe and up to code standards. 

Contact the Community and Economic Development Department to verify the property is in good standing.


Resources for Renters:


Resources for Landlords:

All rental properties in the City of Ferndale must be registered with the Community and Economic Development Department. Visit our Permit Center to complete a Rental Property Registration Form.

If you need to schedule an inspection, contact Kathy McClintic


Rental Inspection Checklist:

The Rental Inspection Checklist contains some of the most common property maintenance violations and is intended to assist property owners in being prepared for city property inspections. This is merely a list of the most common violations and does not include all possible violations.