Short Term Rental

Ferndale City Council adopted an ordinance regulating short-term rentals (STRs) operating within City limits. The ordinance regulates STRs by requiring annual registration and inspections, which requires all properties to register with the City. Registration and inspection services are completed by the Ferndale Building Department.



  1. Fill out the form and submit it for review in person or by mail to: 
    Building Department
    300 E. Nine Mile Rd.,
    Ferndale, MI, 48220

    Applicants will be given the rules and regulations and a copy of the regulation ordinance upon application. Applicants must pay all arrears owed to the address to be registered.
  2. Inspections are scheduled with the Building Department at 248-546-2525 Ext. 115.
  3. The property is inspected by a member of the Ferndale Building Department. The inspector will confirm the number of safe, occupiable bedrooms and the maximum occupancy based on the square footage per the 2015 Michigan Residential Code (MRC). Inspectors will ensure all life-safety items are in place and working as required by the MRC and the International Property Maintenance Code (IPMC), such as handrails, guardrails, smoke detectors, and operable windows.

Property Rules and Regulations


Only 5% of the available housing units on a city block can be used as STRs. A housing unit is defined as a home, condo, or apartment.



Two adults are allowed per bedroom under this ordinance. No more than eight people are permitted in a short-term rental.



A substantiated complaint is when a property has violated the requirements of the ordinance and has been verified by a City of Ferndale official. After three substantiated complaints during a calendar year, an STR will be at risk of losing their license, unable to operate for the remainder of the calendar year, and require a review by the City Manager’s Office.



  • Advertising over the legally-allowed amount of people
  • Noise levels over the thresholds for occupancy and noise
  • Cleanliness, parking illegally, and other code enforcement concerns