City of Ferndale

Finance Department

The Finance Department manages the City's financial affairs through accounting, budgeting and reporting, investment management, debt management, tax and revenue collections, and water bills. Want to know how the City allocates funding? Do you have questions about your property taxes or water bill? All of the City’s financial reports and information can be found below—take a look!  

Current Year Budget

The City of Ferndale's budget operates on a fiscal year calendar schedule from July 1 to June 30. City Council approved the Ferndale Triennial 2025-27 Budget at their regular meeting held on May 13, 2024. Click below to learn more about the City's budgetary process.


Finance Department

Ferndale City Hall
300 E. Nine Mile Rd.
Ferndale, MI 48220

248-546-2525 Ext. 4

Fee Schedule

The City Fee Schedule is the official list of all fees for services collected by the City. The Fee Schedule is updated annually by the City Manager's Office with assistance from each City department. View the current Proposed FYE25 Fee Schedule via the link below. 

Additional Services

Need to change your mailing address for property taxes or water bills? Use the Change of Address Form to have your bills mailed to a different address.

Finance Department FAQs

For additional questions, contact the Finance Department at 248-546-2525 (Option #4).

How often does the City bill for water service?

Residents and businesses are billed quarterly. If the first digit of your account number is:

  • One: Bills will be due on the 5th of March, June, September, and December
  • Two: Bills will be due on the 5th of April, July, October, and January
  • Three: Bills will be due on the 5th of February, May, August, and November

Industrial properties are billed monthly.

How are costs for sewer service and water service assigned on my water bill?


In previous years, charges for water and sewer consumption on your bill were allocated identically: (50% water / 50% sewer). However, the actual cost of providing water is significantly less than the cost of treating water.

As a result, the City has adjusted how water rates are allocated on a water bill to more accurately calculate the cost of providing the different services. Beginning July 1, 2022, charges for water and sewer consumption on your bill are allocated at 61% sewer, 39% water, and a flat $29 readiness-to-serve fee. The rate is currently $12.83 per unit, or 100 cubic feet.

For example, if your total water bill was $200, your water & sewer costs would be allocated as such:

Sewer Fees:      $104.31 (61% of total water bill costs)

Water Fees:       $66.69 (39% of total water bill costs)

RTS Fee:            $29.00

Total:                 $200.00 (100% of total water bill costs)

For a complete breakdown of fees, view the current fee schedule.


What is the "Readiness to Serve" fee?

The "Readiness to Serve" fee is the fixed-rate cost applied to cover system maintenance, supporting customers, and the portion of the Department of Public Works that is reserved for water. Every property where there is a water meter present and connected to the system is assessed a Readiness to Serve fee, whether its occupants are utilizing water or not.

Does the city offer a payment plan to assist accounts with outstanding balances?

Yes. The repayment plan is meant for customers who have had difficulty keeping their water accounts current, and who carry an outstanding balance.

To participate:

  • Customers must make monthly payments towards the outstanding prior balance on their water bills. Staff can assist you in determining an appropriate monthly amount to ensure that you will be paid in full at the end of your repayment period.
  • Customers must remain current with any new or future water charges.  Any new charges for water or other services must be paid by the due date as noted on the bill.
  • The late payment penalty of 10% will continue to be applied to the current charges each quarter. However, if the new charges are paid by the due date, the 10% penalty will be restored as a credit to the account at the end of the repayment period when the account is otherwise paid in full.
  • Customers who bring their accounts current by December 31, 2013, are eligible to have any $50 penalty fees assessed between October 1, 2012, and March 31, 2013, restored as credits to their water bill account.
  • In order to receive the credits to their account for the 10% late payment fee and $50 penalty, the customer must contact the Water Department to confirm the final repayment amount.  Once confirmed, the customer must request credit for the 10% and $50 be issued on their water service account.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your participation in this repayment plan, you may email the Water Department or call at 248-546-2374.