February 09 2022

2021 Property Tax Payment Reminder

Are your 2021 property taxes paid? Here’s how to check!

2021 Winter taxes are due February 14th, 2022; payments received the 15th through 28th accrue a 3% penalty. The last day to pay any remaining 2021 summer and winter property tax balance is Monday, February 28th, 2022.

Because of slower delivery times from the USPS and all shipping carriers, payments mailed throughout the course of the 2021 tax season may have not arrived to us on time, causing penalties and interest to accrue on parcels where the owner is not aware that taxes are still owed.

Even if you suspect that you have paid your taxes in full, we highly recommend you verify a zero balance due prior to February 28th; search for your address/parcel on our BSA Online Portal and pay any remaining tax balances due. If you have a mortgage company, please verify that they are paying on your behalf.

Beginning March 1st, 2022, all unpaid 2021 property taxes are delinquent and must be paid with additional penalties to Oakland County Treasurer. During the months of March and April, a revised tax statement from the City of Ferndale must accompany your remittance to Oakland County Treasurer.

Please contact taxbilling@ferndalemi.gov with any questions.

2022 Notice of Assessment

The 2022 Notice of Assessment will be mailed out by the end of February. It denotes “THIS IS NOT A TAX BILL” in big, bold letters in the upper right corner of the sheet, and we recommend you give it a read. This notice shows the approximate change in your tax bill as well as your taxable, assessed and state equalized values for the upcoming tax year. It also includes information regarding the March Board of Review as well as other general property data. These notices come from Oakland County Equalization because they are our assessor in the City of Ferndale.

For questions related to assessing, please contact equal@oakgov.com.