September 05 2023

Woodward Moves Project Enters Final Stages; Detours Expected

As the Woodward Moves road resurfacing and improvement project nears its final phase, the City has learned of three detours going into effect by the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) for residents and visitors to be aware of. 

  1. Cambourne St. will be partially closed at Woodward Ave.
    • Open to eastbound traffic one-way only
    • Closed to westbound traffic; detour in place
    • Alternative route: Hilton Rd., 9 Mile Rd., and Pinecrest Dr.
  2. Nine Mile Rd. will be partially closed at Woodward Ave. 
    • Open to westbound traffic one-way only
    • Closed to eastbound traffic; detour in place
    • Alternative route: Hilton Rd., 8 Mile Rd., and Livernois St. 
  3. Marshall St. will be partially closed at Woodward Ave. 
    • Open to westbound traffic one-way only
    • Closed to eastbound traffic; detour in place
    • Alternative route: Hilton Rd., 8 Mile Rd., and Livernois St. 

These detours will begin as early as Wednesday, Sept. 6, and will remain in effect for 3-4 weeks. (All closures/detours will be removed for the duration of the DIY and Funky Ferndale art events.) We understand the inconvenience this may cause; however, it is necessary to ensure the safe, expedient completion of the road project. 

What is Woodward Moves?

Woodward Moves—a partnership of the City of Ferndale, the City of Pleasant Ridge, the Southeast Michigan Council of Governments (SEMCOG), and the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT)—is a road construction project designed to increase Ferndale’s mobility, safety, and inclusivity.

Woodward Moves will not only provide the much-needed re-pavement of the street itself, but also the chance to improve our City’s safety, foster economic prosperity for the entire community, and provide diverse and accessible opportunities for people to explore Ferndale and Pleasant Ridge. It will help Woodward Avenue evolve to meet the current and future needs of residents, business owners, and visitors. 

Construction key points:

  • Resurfacing of Woodward from 8 Mile to the northern Ferndale city limit
  • The reduction of a travel lane on each side of Woodward  
  • Targeted improvements to curbs  
  • Shortening of pedestrian crossings  
  • Parking-protected bike lanes
  • Improved visibility at intersections  
  • Accessible curb ramps
  • Bus islands
  • Drainage improvements

What is Still to Come? 

As work on Woodward Moves is wrapped up this fall, you can look for the following items to be completed: 

  1. Bump-Outs
    Concrete “bump-outs” will be installed at major intersections, including Marshall St., Nine Mile Rd., and Cambourne St. As this takes place, we will experience minor detours at these intersections. The bump-outs are designed to serve as delineation for bike users at busy intersections. As safety is the number-one focus of this project, this is a critical step in ensuring all people can safely travel along Woodward Avenue using all types of transportation.
  2. Repaving
    Throughout the remainder of the project, the majority of the work will focus on road repaving. Repaving work will be conducted in the daytime with double-lane closures and/or evening with triple-lane closures to keep workers and travelers safe. Repaving may be disruptive, but we’ll do our very best to keep the process quick and disruption minimal. 
  3. Bus Stops
    Throughout the remainder of the project, you can also expect to see the temporary closure of several bus stops along Woodward Ave. While bus routes will not be altered, several routes may experience delays, and several stops along both northbound and southbound Woodward Ave. will be closed during construction. Affected bus stops will reopen following construction completion. Bus stops in Ferndale and Pleasant Ridge that will be affected include:
    • Southbound Woodward Ave.: Millington, Elm Park, Cambridge, Oakridge, West Maplehurst, West Cambourne, Albany, Cemetery, Fielding, and 8 Mile Rd.
    • Northbound Woodward Ave.: Webster, Silman, College, Ardmore, East Cambourne, and East Maplehurst.
  4. Bus Islands
    As the bike lanes take shape, you will begin to see the installation of bus islands to assist pedestrians in accessing the bus once construction is complete.
  5. Parking
    As a friendly reminder, parking along Woodward will not be available until the completion of the project. We understand this may cause inconvenience as you navigate the city. We are confident that the end result will be a safer and more accessible Woodward. Don’t worry, downtown Ferndale still offers a wide variety of public parking options. View all our accessible parking options at

More Information

For more information about the ongoing Woodward Moves project, visit the project page