October 04 2023

Residential Print Water Bill File Error

Some residents may notice an error in their printed water bill due to a file error. But, not to worry! Here's what's important to know:

  • The "Balance Due" section on the bill is correct. 
  • All bill balances can be accurately found at BSA at bit.ly/3PWXcmo
  • All payment types are operating as normal; no need to adjust that. 
  • A sample bill has been provided below that highlights the affected areas. 

City staff is working promptly to resolve the issue. Please visit bit.ly/43SN6sb for information about water billing. For questions about your bill, please call City Hall at 248-546-2525, email information@ferndalemi.gov, or stop by during business hours, which are Monday through Thursday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

October 16 Update: Residents who received incorrect bills will receive the replacement in the mail soon. ✉️ We assure you, it's not a double bill or a multiple charge! This is just the correct statement for your records. To view your current balance or pay your bill, visit bit.ly/3PWXcmo. For more information on how to pay your bill, visit bit.ly/43SN6sb.