April 15 2024

No Mow May 2024

Now Mow May is back! Let’s recap: No Mow May is a voluntary, pollinator-friendly, environmental initiative that allows you to skip mowing your lawn for the entire month of May. Grass and weeds code enforcement will be suspended for the entire month, so there will be no ticketing whatsoever. Just keep in mind that enforcement will resume in June, so please schedule your lawn care accordingly. 

Do you have to do this? No, you can choose to adhere to your normal lawn maintenance schedule. You can also celebrate Low Mow May—whatever you prefer. Regardless of your mowing activity, please bee a good neighbor and refrain from reporting other lawns to code enforcement. 

Do you have to sign up to participate? No, but we do strongly encourage it to help us track the environmental impact of the program. Sign up at seam.ly/xi9kUx2m

Why is this important? Lots of reasons: Decreasing lawn mowing means pollen-producing plants for bees and other pollinators can grow and thrive. Not mowing also reduces soil compaction which promotes greater stormwater infiltration. This also reduces emissions and noise pollution, which is very critical to the environment. And, the best part, you get to take a month off of mowing. Focus on another area of your garden, or even consider planting a natural landscape. Learn more at ferndalemi.gov/resources/planned-natural-landscaping.

Is the City doing our part? Yes, our Public Works team will be refraining from mowing a small portion of Geary Park. 

Thank you for your participation in the program! Please contact Zero Waste Manager, Logan Applebee at zerowaste@ferndalemi.gov. for any questions or concerns.