July 22 2022

Citizens Police Review & Advisory Board: Ferndale Seeks Community Feedback About Proposed New Ordinance

The City of Ferndale has released a final draft of the new Citizens Police Review and Advisory Board (CPAB) Ordinance. The public is invited and welcomed to review the Ordinance and provide feedback via the public comment survey.

What is the CPAB Ordinance?

Created as a tenet of the City's 2021 Declaration of Commitment to Antiracism, the CPAB is a proposed amendment to the Ferndale Code of Ordinances that would establish a new Citizens Police Review and Advisory Board. The Board will work directly with the City and the Police Department to promote transparency, independent reporting, and communications between law enforcement and the Ferndale community.

Once established, the Board will be served by five resident volunteers appointed by the mayor. As with all specialized boards and commissions, members will be chosen based on relevant skills and experiences, including members from underrepresented or vulnerable communities and members who have experience with mediation, mental health or social work, antiracism or equity, restorative or transformative justice, law enforcement, or criminal justice.

Prior to finalization and adoption, City Council and staff seek review and feedback from the community.

Review the proposed CPAB Ordinance.

Provide feedback via public comment survey.