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43rd District Court

The Court handles all traffic cases, including formal and informal hearings, trials, and parking violations. They also handle all arraignments, misdemeanor cases, bench and jury trials, sentencing, and preliminary examinations in felony cases.  

43rd District Court

The 43rd District Court of Ferndale has exclusive jurisdiction over the following types of cases:

  • Traffic cases—including formal and informal hearings, trials, and parking violations
  • Small claims—civil suits up to $6,000
  • Civil infractions
  • Civil litigations up to $25,000
  • Criminal misdemeanor offenses (adult only) punishable up to a year’s imprisonment


43rd District Court



Pay Your Tickets and Fines Online

Pay your tickets and fines online through the 43rd District Court’s online payment portal. For more information, contact 43rd District Court at 248-547-8700 or visit their website.