Roads & Streets

The Department of Public Works maintains approximately 21 miles of major streets and 54 miles of local streets within the City. 

Much of the funding for street construction come from gas taxes collected by the State of Michigan and redistributed to local governments. Funding that has been restricted to the major and local streets funds will be used for street maintenance purposes only.

Current & Upcoming Projects

2016 Pavement Improvement Program

What is being done?

This summer and fall, street resurfacing will be taking place on the following Ferndale streets: 

  • Leroy—Allen to Woodward
  • W. Maplehurst—Pinecrest to Woodward
  • W. Hazelhurst—Allen to Woodward
  • W. Breckenridge—Pinecrest to Dead End
  • Farmdale—Fielding to W. Marshall
  • Academy—Woodward to Hilton
  • Gardendale—Fielding to W. Marshall
  • Grayson—Mapledale to Ten Mile
  • W. Bennet—Edgewood to Woodward
  • Vester—Dead End to Farrow
  • Kensington—Eight Mile to Marshfield
  • Farrow—Dead End to Academy
  • Marshfield—Pinecrest to Livernois
  • Academy—Farrow to Wanda
  • Beaufield—Marshfield to Albany
  • Wordsworth—Wanda to West End
  • Leroy—Republic to Pinecrest
  • Channing—Wanda to West End
  • W. Drayton—Pinecrest to Woodward
  • Lennox—Concrete Repair–Woodward Heights to Dead End

In addition to resurfacing, sections of concrete curb and gutter will be replaced, along with sidewalk and ramps and driveway approaches that must be removed in order to replace the curb and gutter. 

Construction is scheduled to begin on June 20 and be completed by October 17. Please note that these dates are approximate and are dependent upon inclement weather.

Pro-Line Asphalt Paving Corporation of Shelby Township has been awarded the contract to perform the resurfacing work. 

Important Information for Residents

  • Residents who have irrigation systems between the curb and sidewalk should mark the location of any sprinkler heads in the public right-of-way. Also, residents on corner lots should identify any sprinkler heads near the public sidewalk. The City requests that these portions of your irrigation system be temporarily turned off during construction. If you notice your system has been damaged due to the construction, please contact the City’s engineer, Giffels Webster, so that arrangements can be made for the contractor to repair the damage.
  • When the contractor is working on your street, on-street parking will be prohibited in designated areas.The contractor is required to place temporary no-parking signs between the curb and sidewalk the day prior to any work to identify the areas not to park. Vehicles parked in no-parking areas may be towed at owner’s expense.
  • Those residents whose curb and drive approach are being replaced will be notified in advance of the construction. The City requests that these residents find alternative parking until their driveway access is restored and the concrete has been given sufficient time to cure (typically five days).

For More Information 

Contact the Department of Public Works at 248-546-2514 or engineers Giffels Webster (Justin Wellman) at 248-852-3100. 

Construction Updates