Roads & Streets

The Department of Public Works maintains approximately 21 miles of major streets and 54 miles of local streets within the City. 

Much of the funding for street construction come from gas taxes collected by the State of Michigan and redistributed to local governments. Funding that has been restricted to the major and local streets funds will be used for street maintenance purposes only.

Pinecrest Repavement

As part of the roads and streets improvement plan, Pinecrest Drive will be repaved and resurfaced during summer 2017. Work is scheduled to begin Monday, June 19, and continue through August. 

During this time, Pinecrest will be closed to through traffic from W. Nine Mile to Woodland. Access to Pinecrest within the limits of the closure will be limited to W. Breckenridge and W. Lewiston. Residents will be allowed to access Pinecrest until the pavement is removed. All of the intersecting streets along the west side of Pinecrest will be barricaded off with the exception of Oakridge, which is a dead end street, to reduce the “cut through” traffic to Woodward Ave.  A detour route has been set up to route eastbound traffic from Oak Park to Nine Mile Rd. Meanwhile, Pinecrest traffic is being detoured to Livernois (which includes the drive lane for Ferndale Foods) via W. Nine Mile and Woodland. The City secured a temporary easement from the owners of Ferndale Foods to allow the temporary traffic and signage will be modified accordingly during construction. It is anticipated that the closure and associated detours will be in place until early August.

Throughout August, the road will be open to local traffic while the remaining work is completed. It is expected that the road will be completely opened to traffic on September 1.

For More Information 

Contact the Department of Public Works at 248-546-2514 or engineers Giffels Webster (Justin Wellman) at 248-852-3100.