Capital Improvement Plan

The Capital Improvement Program (CIP) is a five-year road map for planning and funding public facilities and infrastructure. Included projects incorporate both the construction of new facilities and the rehabilitation or replacement of existing capital.

The programming of projects needs to be distributed over the five-year period so that as we update our capital program each year, we can adjust for any changes in environmental conditions.

The central goals are:
  • To identify the capital needs of the City for the next five years
  • To ease the review of the biennial budget adoption 
  • To link capital budgets with adopted policies and strategic plans
  • To link capital expenditures with operating budgets
  • To encourage collaboration and coordination between departments

CIP Schedule for adoption:

  • August - Departments submit capital project updates to include in the 5 year CIP
  • October - Deadline for departmetnal submissions
  • October - Draft CIP presented to Planning Commission
  • November - CIP presented for adoption to Planning Commission
  • December - City Council receives recommendation to adopt 5 year CIP
  • January - CIP incorporated into the annual biennial budget process


The CIP will be updated and considered annually as part of the City's budget process.  This process will identify the capital budget (first year projects) as well as projects to  be implemented or considered for budget adoption in the four subsequent years of the program.  

Click here for a graphic of the City's budget process cycle.