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Ferndale and SOCRRA Announce Mixed Recycling

Ferndale and SOCRRA Announce Mixed Recycling

  • 1 June 2017
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Curbside recycling is about to get a lot easier with the introduction of a new mixed-use recycling program.

SOCRRA—Southeastern Oakland County Resource Recovery Authority, the City of Ferndale’s waste and recycling authority—will soon convert to mixed-use recycling. For Ferndale residents, this means new recycling containers and an end to sorting.

The new carts hold up to 65 gallons, or about three times as many recyclables as the old bins. Their wheeled design makes them easier to use and move, and the attached lid keeps rain and debris out. Best of all, recyclables can be mixed—no sorting needed. It’s as easy as throwing trash into a can.

Distribution of new carts in Ferndale will take place between July 17–31. Your cart will be delivered during this two-week period on your regular garbage and recycling day, along with an instructional guide from SOCRRA. There is no additional charge for your new cart.

All residents will receive a mailing with a flyer and answers to FAQs. For additional information, please visit SOCRRA's mixed recycling resource page or contact them directly at 248-288-5150.

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