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See a "No Access" Construction Sign on Your Street? Please Park Elsewhere!

See a "No Access" Construction Sign on Your Street? Please Park Elsewhere!

  • 22 May 2017
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The Department of Public Works' 2017 residential street pavement improvement program is underway, which means that several of Ferndale's neighborhood streets are under construction. 

It also means that some residents are seeing this sign:

Temporarily prohibiting access to your street or driveway is a pain, we understand. But compliance isn't simply a nice thing to do—it's essential to our contractors completing their street work safely and expediently. 

Moving cars from streets and driveways during a temporary ban ensures:

  • Work is completed safely, without injuring people or harming property
  • Work is completed in the promised timeframe—each time the work stops to deal with a car parked in a temporary no-parking zone, it means more time with crews on your street
  • City staff, such as police officers, are kept available for important calls rather than responding to contractors in need of moved vehicles

We know that the main question you have is, simply, where to park. It's important to note that total parking bans are limited and temporary, occurring once or twice per street between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. only. When this does happen, our DPW Department has several suggestions about where to park:

  • Share with neighbors who have extra space in driveways or off-street parking areas
  • Park on adjacent streets or blocks
  • Park at any community or public lot, facility, or park

If you are physically able to do so, we appreciate your patience and willingness to walk a short distance during these temporary parking bans. If you absolutely cannot be without drive/street access, please contact DPW at 248-546-2519. 

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